Friday, November 09, 2007

10 Times

In response to my friends comment:

"Isn't it illegal to go to Disneyland so many times in a row??? :-)looks like you are having a ton of fun there (and getting your money's worth from the ticket prices!)"

Tomorrow will be one month from when we bought our tickets. We are headed there again soon today making it our 10th time. We are still having a blast everytime we go! Disneyland's going to end up losing money on their deal with us. ;)

Just 11 months left of our annual passes. Wondering how many times we will end up going by the end of the year.

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Kristy Ratcliff said...

Hello, Iwanted to say hi and give you some information, I am the one that has been following your u-tube videos and I have a child that is from NLL, long story that I would talk to you praivately about, I left a message on u-tube but I am not sure if you got it, my email is and there I would be happy to get your number and call you, it is nice to know someone that knows Dr. Benard and his staff, Again long story but I have never met them, or been to Haiti, again confusing I know but long story,I do know Leanne "the haiti lady" ahe lived 30 mins from me here in Idaho and she is great. Please contact me I would love to talk with you, thanks and God Bless Kristy