Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Disneyland getting a bad rap

"What? What did I do?"

Could everyone PLEASE stop emailing me about the evils of Disneyland and the harm it is doing to me and my son? I know it was originally mentioned in a comment in the kindest and most thoughtful way by a friend to consider that maybe the rides and lights are effecting us. I accepted that suggestion and appreciated my very sweet friends concern. Since then I have received several emails from people convinced that this is what is causing the recent episodes Johnny and I have had. I really do appreciate your concerns and for one person to bring it up for consideration is very sweet. However, to receive email after email from people insisting that this is the cause is getting to be too much.

What you may not know is that Johnny has been having these episodes since before he was 2. They happen on and off with no pattern or triggers that we can figure out. The amount of these episodes have not decreased or increased since we started going to Disneyland. I did find a few thrill rides that "irritated" me and now avoid them. Johnny has not ridden any rides that have made him feel uncomfortable (other then a couple he tried once that were too scary for him). Not only do I know this because I've asked him but also because there is no one on this planet more cautious and tuned in to how Johnny is feeling then I am. His last episode was more concerning then usual but he also had a fever from a virus which he does not usually have with these episodes.

After years of searching for the triggers to my seizures I think we have a great handle on it and getting better and better. I know without any doubt what caused this near seizure for me this week and it was over exhaustion and pain. This did include 2 trips to Disneyland in one week but I have done that a few weeks in a row and have not had a problem because we take breaks and make sure to take days off in between. The week also included our sons birthday and a very long non-stop 14 hour outing/celebration that ended in a sleepover, 2 other sons that came down with a thankfully short lasting virus, searching for and buying a new stroller, getting our home cleaned and decorated for a party and wedding shower, running errands and preparing games for said party, taking Johnny to urgent care when he had an episode, the list goes on and on. It was one of the busiest, hardest, and funnest weeks I've had in a very long time. Source of my near seizure-- undoubtedly over exhaustion (who wouldn't be after that week?) and pain. Source of Johnny's episodes-- still unknown but have certainly seen no connection to Disneyland or anything else for that matter. If I did see a connection do you really think for one second I would continue to take him?

Disneyland passes have been the funnest thing to happen to our family so far. We are spending so much time having fun together and a HUGE bonus is it's really helped take our minds off the long frustrating wait for our kids to come home. We are enjoying this precious time with our children that are home before our family dynamics change forever.

Please--subject closed. Disneyland, while a blast, will never be more important to me then Johnny's health or mine. If I ever see it being a problem we will not go again or at least not as often. As of now it has been nothing but a lot of joy for our family. I will apologize to Mickey when I see him and we will continue to enjoy to happiest (most seizure free) place on earth.


Ericka said...

Oh my gosh, I just sent this extremely long post and lost it! Angela, send me an email so I can email you back!

Anonymous said...

So, this is the Make Fun of Your Day blogsite....hhhmmmmnnn. Sounds like somebody's not too happy. Well, okay, then. Have fun!

ange said...

um....... maybe it is Mickey taking it out on you for not taking me to see him ;) ya I blame ole mickey, he calls me, says he misses me.... yep I blame mickey, you should not go back without me

Angela said...

Ange-- You just say the word and we will go find Mickey together. We would have such a blast!!!

Anonymous- I think you may be my very first completely anonymous comment. Most people at least sign their name.

Admittedly I can understand the confusion of the title Make Fun of Your Day and then to read a post where I request that I not be bombarded over and over with these emails. I've never before had to make this request and believe me when I say-- it was important that I do so or I would not have done it. This blog did start out as a joke and funny stories blog only-- Hence the name. Since then it has kind of evolved in to a much more personal blog that keeps me in contact with new freinds, family, and long distance friends while documenting our daily life and journey in the exciting changes in our family. Due to that I share my ups and downs as well as my frustrations. It's become a place where I am extremely open and honest and so what you read may not always be completely happy and rosey but it will be REAL.

The Haiti Lady said...

Hey come on.....the Tea Cup ride is FRIGHTENING! ;-) hehehe
Love ya,