Thursday, November 08, 2007


Our family, plus Andrew, in the classic picture in front of Mickey
Riding the horse drawn trolley at the birthday boy's request

Kyle with one of his best friends Andrew on the Jelly Fish ride.

Andrew and Kyle in the tea cups

At Rainforst Cafe for the "birthday cake" which was 3 orders of their famous Volcano desserts.

Johnny, Cloe, and Grant playing with the Volcano sparklers.

Kyle ate his birthday dessert and then fell sound asleep on the table. The sign of a birthday well spent!!!

Could a 9 year old ask for anything better for a birthday then to spend it at Disneyland with family and friends, followed by Rainforest Cafe's Volcanos?? It was a very long (14 hours) and very fun day for everyone. Kyle took a Disneyland map the day before his birthday and circled everything he wanted to see and do. He was able to do it all, and some of it more then once! About Mid-day we hooked up with Mandy and family and Bryn again. They were kind enough to let me, Johnny, and Luke tag along with them again while Jim, Kyle, and Andrew hit the more exciting rides (too much for the little brothers). When we got to Disneyland Guest Services gave Kyle a big Happy Birthday pin to wear and they wrote his name and the number 9 on it. Almost every employee of Disneyland that saw him took the time to say "Happy Birthday Kyle" to him.
We had a great time at Rainforest Cafe also. Our family loves an excuse to go there--so fun! We ordered 3 of their giant Volcano desserts to share and were stuffed. Kyle was so exhausted he fell asleep on the table. I had to shake him and shake him to wake him up when it was time to go! While he was sleeping a couple we did not know came by and had heard Kyle being sung happy birthday to so dropped off 2 $2 bills for Kyle. He was excited about it when he woke up. Then we spent lots of time in the fun Rainforest Cafe store where Kyle got to spend some birthday money on some neat gifts that will be a great reminder of a wonderful birthday.
Happy Birthday our dear son!


Ericka said...

Happy Birthday dear Kyle!!!
THAT looks like a happily worn out kid!!!!! Nothing better!
We have the SAME picture of Disneyland with our family (to the left of Mickey). Isn't it cool to think our feet touched the same spot???

Anonymous said...

Isn't it illegal to go to Disneyland so many times in a row??? :-)

looks like you are having a ton of fun there (and getting your money's worth from the ticket prices!)

Happy Birthday to Kyle --- and how exciting that Stephanie and Lovenie are almost US citizens!