Thursday, November 15, 2007

Gifts and other news

It happened again... Last night Jim came home from work to find that we had two full big gift bags on our doorstep. It is the funnest and sweetest thing. Someone over the last few months has been leaving us gifts at our door on several occasions! If you happen to be that person and read this blog-- THANK YOU!
It is so fun and such a brightness in our day as we pull things out of the bag like beautiful clothing, shoes, toys, movies (when we collecting DVD's to take to Haiti)... so many things for our kids. The kids of course get very excited over everything that is "for them" and I am really touched while looking at the things for our children not yet home and imagining how much they will like them. What a wonderful lesson it's been for our kids also to see what it is like to have someone do something kind for you just because.
Other News:
I just talked with Jim and he had a really crummy start to his day. Poor guy. It involved a missed train and bad commute, silly traffic violation ticket, and means he also has to drive to and from work today. This will mean he will have to leave earlier then usual (We are teaching the kids tonight at bible study), got in later then usual, and has a lot to do because today is his last day before his 10 DAY VACATION!!! :) Okay, that last part probably will not get us much sympathy, will it? I'm so excited that we will get to spend so much time together!
Jim had a talk with his boss today and it's sounding like they want him to stay here in CA for around one more year. So Woo Hoo to making the most of our passes, living close to family, not having to move right before or after our kids come home, and even just for having a better idea of what the plan is. A not so Woo Hoo to my Texas friends as it was looking like that may be the place we would have headed back to if we moved again (I miss you guys so much!!!).
Counting down the hours until vacation and theres not many left! ;)


ange said...

man i am ticked! you think jim had a bad day, staying in ca sounds awful, you and mickey hanging can't be good, you should come back to tx, it would be a much better place ;)
ok, so I am glad you get to use those tickets but MAN!!!! I had road trips planned

Angela said...

Haha... you crack me up! We can still do the road trips they just have to be ever so slightly... uhm... LONGER! Or better yet I'll meet you in Haiti and then at Chili's in FLL again. That was so great!

Missing you my dear friend,
La (you complete me) LOL

Ericka said...

That is the coolest thing I have ever heard of.
And if that person IS reading this blog and comments, I would love to THANK THEM also. And say: Angela's family is so wonderful and you couldn't have picked a more awesome family to share goodies with. Thank you for building them up and supporting them!!!!!
Have a great holiday next week, I'll be thinking and praying for you.

Angela said...

AHHH... thanks Ericka. You're so good to me!

Love you,