Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Friends at Disneyland

Mandy, Me, Bryn, and James
We took this picture thinking it would be fun for Bryn to share with all our kids when she gets to Haiti. She said she's going to tell the kids these are our pets! ;)
Kyle looking totally "bugged"

On the train ride: Grant, Bryn, and Alex, Mandy, James, Cloe, Luke, Kyle, and Johnny
(plus me once I was done holding up the ride for the picture)

Bryn is being taken for a spin on the ladybug ride (and later the tea cups) by the kids. She was the only cool grown up that would go on the spinning rides.

Grant and Johnny in a car simulator game. It was really cool. Luke watching them play. We were hanging out doing this while Mandy, Bryn, and Kyle rode Space Mountain.

Johnny and Grant at the front of the boat on the Storybook ride

One very happy family!
What a great day yesterday was! I was so excited to see Bryn again and to meet Mandy and James who I've only exchanged emails with over the last year or so. Mandy and James are adopting Job and Bernadin from HFC (friends of Jacques, Stephanie, and Jude) and Afterly who lives with Lovenie from NLL. Bryn is Mandy's sister and the friend that is going in a few weeks to live with the kids of HFC for the next year. The moment we finally got to meet was very exciting. From that moment on it was as if we were with family or friends we had known all our lives. Kids and grown ups all became instant friends. We spent most of the day together going from ride to ride. Before you get on each ride the employees would ask how many are with our party and we would say to their surprise "10". It occurred to me that this will be how big our family will be when we are all together... yikes! :)
We will hopefully be able to meet up with them again tomorrow when we go to Disneyland again for Kyle's birthday. We are all excited about seeing them again! One of my favorite moments was getting to ride Peter Pan with Grant and I was being silly and asked him "What if I get scared?". He rolled his eyes and said "You're a Mom". I asked him "Mom's don't get scared?" and he told me no in a very duh sort of way. Right after that ride we went on another one that he didn't want to ride because it was too scary. I reassured him by reminding him that when he is a Mom he won't be scared of anything!
Today is Kyle's last day of being 8. I can't say it will be a real memorable one as catch up school work and chores will take up a lot of the day, but it will make turning 9 that much more fun, right?

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Hello.....I am so jealous much!!! Wishin' I could have met Bryn in person too....
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