Saturday, November 17, 2007

bel pitit fi nou (our beautiful daughters)

Lovenie in her crib with both eyes open!
Our beautiful Princess with the cute Pompom's in her hair (I love those!)

We just received these cute pictures of the girls today from someone that was just visiting them last week. I totally prefer these great candid shots to the update photo's (although those are exciting to get too). It shows them just hanging out and being natural. I love it! The pictures uploaded kind of small but the enlarged picture of Lovenie shows her looking healthy with both eyes wide open--which is a great sign! It was emotional to see Lovenie laying in the very place that I left her when I said goodbye to her. It's great also to see Stephanie and her beautiful big smile. She's such a sweetheart!

It's interesting lately as I'm receiving a lot of very sweet sympathy about not having the kids home for Christmas. If I were to be totally honest--- I'm not upset at all about it. I almost feel guilty that I'm not because it seems like a good Mom would be, wouldn't she? And then again God has just given me so much peace about the end process wait (thank you for your prayers!). While I miss them so much I no longer have strong feelings of anger or frustration about the process. God really keeps confirming to me that this too is part of His plan and He has a reason that is beyond my understanding. He's also really opened my eyes to the importance of living in this moment, not just waiting. Very soon our lives will been turned upside down in a wonderful way. Until then I have precious time to give our children that are home so much attention and reassurance of my love and that it will not change. I have had some of my most wonderful times with them ever in the last month or so and am just totally loving it! Don't get me wrong- I'm going to be jumping and screaming with joy at the word that "it's time" but until then I don't want to miss all the blessings God is showering us all with right this minute!

Something that has really helped to encourage me even more that there is a reason for all of this is a comment that was made by a friend at the party last weekend. As I learned more about her adoption story and much longer wait time then ours (can you imagine that) I was just stunned at all they have been through. She said to me very matter of factly that she does not ask God "why me?" but realizes that after all they have been through in their process it is very likely that another family may have given up on bringing home their child, but God chose them and gave them the strength to hold strong and do all it takes to bring there child home. Would someone else in our shoes have thrown up their hands and given up on our children? Maybe, maybe not, but I'm so very grateful that WE are the ones He is blessing with these amazing children and there is no wait too long, or battle too hard that it would not be totally worth it for the honor of them in our lives.

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Alexandria Henderson. said...

Your post this day really blessed me and encouraged me to stop looking to some future moment, but instead be thankful for today knowing God has each of us exactly where he wants us to be. Praise God for this amazing insight he gave to you!! You are an amazing Christian woman and I just love your transparency about all you feel and think concerning your day to day life. I really look forward to reading your posts!!