Tuesday, November 27, 2007

November update from NLL/HFC

Jacques, Lovenie, Stephanie, and Jude
We received this update while on vacation. This is one of our favorites! They all look wonderful and like they are doing well. Lovenie looks so much healthier then she used to, see how both her eyes are wide open? We are so excited to "see" them again!
No new news-- the kids are still in MOI but it seems to be moving quickly for some people and we could be among them. Hopefully next months update will have more exciting news to share.
Meanwhile..... TODAY IS JUDE'S 10TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't believe we are missing another birthday but truely do believe this one is the LAST to be misssed. I'll post a birthday tribute for Jude later today. We are going to try and call him today. When we tried to call Stephanie on her birthday we could not understand each other much but it's enough if he knows that we love him and are thinking of him. Kez shared with us that he asked her for our phone number last time she called so I think that's a good sign that he does want to hear from us!


Becky Hinchley said...

Angela they look great!!!


Julie@Shanan Trail said...

Angela, the kids look great. I bet you flipped to see Lovenie so alert and focused! I am sorry you missed another birthday... birthday's are tough. Stephanie is gorgeous! And, even Jacques has a sort of half-smile.

I am glad you posted them so promptly. When your entry came up on bloglines, my first thought was, "Hey, I haven't gotten mine yet." A quick check of my email and... mine was here too! I wonder if Bryn is doing the pictures? My picture this month was great too.

Mandy said...

Oh, Angela, what a beautiful picture!! Look at your gorgeous children.......wow!! Happy birthday to Jude, too.