Thursday, November 01, 2007

HARDEST possible route

I just called again to the office reviewing my drivers license file. They have made the decision that before receiving my license back I do need to meet with an officer for an in person review. I just feel like I'm being punished when I've done nothing wrong! It's so very frusterating!!! I was really expecting word any day now that my suspension has been lifted. They took the liberty of schedualing my interview for the week of Thanksgiving when we already have reservations to be out of town! I did manage to get them to agree to a phone interview so I'll be able to go on vacation and still keep the appointment.

Then, just to really add frustration to the process, the person who I spoke to on the phone (not the person handling my file of course) said there is a note in my file that I need to have another medical clearance form filled out by the neurologist I orginally had an appointment to see MONTHS ago and who my insurance company insisted was NOT the person I was supposed to see. UHG! Sorry for all the cap's but yes, I really am that frusterated. This could get dragged out over months again. I have not driven for 1 year this month and have not had a seizure for 7.5 months, have been cleared by my Primary Care doctor to drive around 4 months ago, cleared by a Neurologist around 3 months ago..... now this!

Anyone want to place bets on what will happen first? Will we bring home or children or will I drive first. Neither is likely to happen in 2007. Let the race begin!

No happy dance today. I think I'm going to go and eat our kids mountain of Halloween candy- That should help. ;)


Angelasparent said...


I still remember a Russian comedian named Smirnoff who once said the Department of Motor Vehicles is a place where there are a whole lot of very friendly people.........waiting in line to talk to a few really grumpy people. I am praying that the Lord will move things along both concerning your license and bringing the kids home (according to His will, of course).

I know you are frustrated, but you have sooooooo much to be thankful for, and God has empowered us to live above our circumstances. The Apostle Paul was in a Roman prison when he wrote to the Philippians, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." And, Sweetie, so can you. I love you very much.


Alexandria Henderson. said...

I think that really stinks. I'm so sorry. I can imagine how disappointed you must feel.

Praying for you.