Wednesday, November 28, 2007

First Date.... again

Kapps pizza in one of the booths we likely ate in before while dating. On the table is our favorite ever pizza-- Ham and feta. It was even better then we remembered it. I'm wishing we ordered extras and had some now!

At Fibber McGee's in Mountain View

So the plan is to have 10 dates by or before our 10 year anniversary (Jan. 17th). For the first of these special dates we thought we would kick it off with a walk (and dance) down memory lane. Since we were going to be in the bay area (where we met) for vacation we thought it would be fun to reenact our first date as much as we could. Keeping in mind that our actual first date was a little over 10 years ago we obviously could not do everything exactly the same as the first date but were still glad that at least the places we went to were still around.

We started off with dinner at Kapps. It's actually where we went on our 2nd date and many more after, but hey...we were hungry and that was kind of "our spot" as it was right down the street where I used to live. We thought about parking at my old apartment complex and walking down the street to these places as we had done many times and where Jim held my hand for the first time but it was cold and we were hungry so we just skipped over that part. ;)

After our dinner at Kapps we walked just 2 doors down to where we actually did have our first ever date. On our first date Jim met me at my apartment complex and we walked to Fibber McGees. There was a one man band playing and we just had to see that (bummer he wasn't still around). Fibbers is a cute little Irish Pub that has now been changed more in to a hip hop dance club. We were able to sit exactly in the same place as our first date and order the exact same drinks we had (yes we still remember them). Since the one man band had been replaced by a DJ and no one was on the dance floor we decided we would help the place kick the night off and had the dance floor to ourselves until others caught on (you can't accuse us of being shy). Then we decided to go 2 more doors down to Molly McGees also another Irish Pub with a big dance floor (weird huh?) and danced nearly all night almost non-stop. It was so fun to be able to do that again. By 1AM I admitted that the music was starting to get on my nerves and Jim said him too (yes, we've gotten older) and we decided to go find something else to do.

At the end of our actual first date Jim walked me home, held my hand for the first time, and gave me a sweet goodnight kiss on my cheek. Again, too cold to reenact all that!

So we got in the car and drove around remembering all the places we used to go. It was so much fun. Then we got to return to our hotel suite without any kids (something we most definitely did not do on our actual first date).

A HUGE thank you to Donna for keeping our boys all night and in to the next day so that we could kick of this anniversary event in such a perfect way!

Date 2 of 10 to happen soon!

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