Friday, September 28, 2007

Quick family update

Johnny-- Thank you so much to everyone that emailed me regarding advice and prayers about Johnny. The same day I posted our concerns we got him in to an appointment with the doctors. Nothing really came of it other then a blood test that I feel will not lead us to anything (been there done that... nothing there). He was SO great about the blood test and because he's such a charmer he came home with 6 stickers, 3 lollipops, and a book ... as he said "All this just for having a blood test!" Please continue to keep him in your prayers and that God would give us wisdom in what to do as I have a feeling it will be much like my seizures where we will ultimately be the ones to find out what is causing it and how to treat it.

Drivers License- I have been checking the mail every day hoping to receive something that says I can drive again. When nothing came I called my insurance company to find out that they held on to my paperwork for 3 weeks and just sent it to the doctor for a signature, who will then have to send it back to them and they will send it to DMV--where it will likely sit on someones desk as well (can you see how much Haiti and America have in common?). The whole thing is totally crazy as it would take less then 2 minutes (totally serious) to check a couple boxes and sign the form. Lovin' my HMO! ;) The good news: Still seizure free and totally loving it, license or not!

Our kids in Haiti- We have lost our Internet connection with them to send emails. We are missing them so much. They should be back online soon. Tomorrow is Stephanie's 12th birthday and we plan to surprise her with a phone call. Be praying for my lacking skills in speaking Creole as I fear it will be a short conversation. At least we can sing Happy Birthday to her and tell her we love and miss her very much.

My coffee mug- I posted a while back that I really wanted the coffee mug that says "NO NEWS YET". It cracks me up. No one caught my very subtle hint and sent it to me so I think I will sweet talk my hubby and see if I can be sipping tea this winter out of a very funny mug. Ah, the little things that make me happy....

Hopefully I can update this update with much more exciting and positive news soon! I will be typing the update from the drivers seat, with a cup of hot tea in my funny coffee mug in the other hand, with at least 6 of our kids in the car (but don't tell DMV that)!

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Angelasparent said...

"All this just for having a blood test" sounds so much like Johnny I can almost hear him saying it. Mom and I had to laugh.