Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ideas for tormenting your kids...

Okay the kids are driving me crazy today. :) Luke got mad at me when I made a simple request and he ran to his room and changed his shirt. Doesn't sound bad, right? Except that he changed out of a shirt that said "I love Mom"! Johnny is having one of his days that he has to be told the same thing over and over. Today's favorite is me telling him not to play with his pencil because he could get hurt (he puts it in his face and near his eyes) and sure enough he ran with one and accidentally rammed it in to the side of my leg-- OUCH!!! So I'm thinking of ways that I could torment them in return... any ideas?

I wish I was as creative as my parents. Here's just one example of a joke they pulled over on me. We were all sitting around the dinner table when my Dad made me the offer. "Angela, I'll give you a dollar if you let me break 2 eggs over your head." I began to protest and say I didn't want to do it. My Mom and brother joined in and encouraged me to do it. After all I would get a whole dollar, "egg is good for your hair", and "we can do it over the tub and wash it right out". Okay, I gave in. The whole family went in to the bathroom and watched as I leaned over the tub. My Dad stood by with an egg in each hand and smashed one on the top of my head. They all had a good laugh and started to leave the bathroom. I yelled "Wait a minute! Where is my dollar???" That's when my Dad laughed and said "I said I would give you a dollar if I broke TWO eggs over your head and I only broke one!"

This would have worked except that I started to cry. My Dad gave in and handed me a dollar. I had the last laugh... all the way to the piggy bank!


Ken and Alex Henderson said...

Hi red,

We recently purchased some amazingly strong velcro tape for our sofa cushions. They kept slipping off the sofa. We have a cheap faux leather (vinyl) sofa.

I bet you could create a really cool velcro suit using one of those baby one piece things or a pair of PJs. Stick a bunch of the tape to a wall in an art deco fashion... then stick the child wearing the really cool velcro suit to the designer wall. :) Make a fashion statement, torment your kids, get intouch with your inner artist...Just trying to help.

Love ya,


Ericka said...

Ok, so NOW I know where you get your sense of humor!!!!!!