Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Our precious son

Okay, every birthday I'm without one of our children is always depressing and I always end up in tears. Today being Jacques birthday I have been able to think of almost nothing other then him. I have managed not to cry, that is until I read my friends new blog. She has lived with the kids of HFC and is so loved by them. She is the reason we "met" Jacques. On her blog she shared this about her recent trip to Haiti:

I spent Saturday night at the boys’ house. During devotions, Jacques was asked to pray out loud. He started praying for me, for safe travel, for a swift return to Haiti, and thanks for all that I have done with them. I was crying by the time he ended.

Dry eyes are a thing of the past and a stream of tears took their place. He is just so precious and kind. A very exceptional person. I have done nothing to deserve the precious gift of our many children and yet I'm so thankful God would allow us to know and love them. Lord, please bring our children home!!! Praying for miracles today.


LeAnne said...

What a strong young man you have there.
I am so sorry you have missed another birthday...but when he is 35 and you are a will all be a distant memory! :-P
Higs and Love to you,

Angela said...

Thanks LeAnne... A grandma! Wow, that sure puts it in perspective! Thanks my dear friend. I sure am proud of him, most of all for his strong faith in God and amazing charactor.

Much love,

funspirit said...

The fact that you love him means a lot. I'm sure you will be sad until you are together again. Maybe it would be a good idea for you to keep a journal where you can write down some of the things you want to tell him once you see him again.

God bless you and your family.