Friday, September 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Johnny James!!!!!

Johnny plays a video game while Luke, me, and Kyle watch.

"The big kid" gets in on the games. Jim was able to take the day off work and hang out with his family for his little boy's birthday.

Kyle reminding Johnny that he should make a wish.

Johnny: Deep in thought about the wish.

Candles out in one puff! I made the above train cake at Johnny's request of a blue train like Thomas and the specific request that he wanted it on railroad tracks. The first think Johnny asked for when I wished him a happy birthday this morning was to see his cake. I showed it to him and he said "It doesn't really LOOK like Thomas" Doesn't this kid know by now that his Mama is not an artist or a talented cake decorator.. I tried. :)

Johnny requested the piece of cake with the number 7 on it, never mind that it was in the MIDDLE of the cake! It is his birthday- he was granted his request.

Luke cracking up because he caught on to what Johnny was doing and asked for one of the windows- also awkward to get to--- you can see he got his wish.

Johnny pointing out his Spiderman shirt in front of the Chuck E Cheese Spiderman picture.

Kyle and Johnny showing off one of his presents.

Just a sweet picture of the birthday boy. Is he cute or what?!!

Showing off his present from my parents. It's a fold out stand filled with books and activities.

He also got CASH from his other Grandparents and Uncle. He got them in birthday cards last night and FLIPPED OUT-- He's quite sure he is very rich. :)

Yes, another birthday already. It is so hard to believe that our little Johnny turned 7 today! We are so proud of him. He is so smart, funny, and sweet. He's the "cartoon character" of our family and cracks us up with his comments and facial expressions. When Johnny was first born he had a hole in his lungs and we were not totally sure he would survive. Thank you so much God for giving us the gift of our sweet little Johnny!!!!

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