Sunday, September 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Princess Stephanie!

A big Happy 12th Birthday to our beautiful and sweet Stephanie! It was actually yesterday but we have been very busy this weekend so I'm just now getting a chance to blog. I know I've shared many times before that their birthdays are the hardest days of the wait. I've managed to cry on every one of them and say a prayer that it will be the last one we miss. We think there is a good chance we will miss Jude's 10th birthday in November as well. We still celebrate them even though we are apart. We surprised Stephanie with a phone call to sing her happy birthday and tell her we miss and love her. I had been practising Creole and had all sorts of things I wanted to say to her and ask her. It did not work out as I had hoped as the connection made it even harder for us to understand each other. So with the help of a couple of the older girls we managed to have a very broken conversation. Stephanie had them ask me when I was coming to Haiti to bring them home and I could answer nothing other then "I don't know" (which was what led to the tears after the phone call).

The weekend was a busy and fun one. Saturday morning we called Stephanie, Saturday afternoon we spent at a birthday party of a friend that shares Stephanie's birthday, Saturday night we played games with friends until the wee hours of Sunday morning. This morning we visited a new church and the rest of the day flew by with non-exciting yet busy things.

Tomorrow is a big day as Jim has the day off and we are going as a family to the San Diego Zoo. The kids are super excited. I'm personally not a fan of going to zoo's but am excited for our kids.


ange said...

a new church???? I need details!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPHANIE, aunt Ange loves you!!!

LeAnne The Haiti Lady said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPHANIE!!! I know this will be her last one away from you!
Love ya,