Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Luke Reads

Today I decided to start teaching Luke to read. He is a 4 years and 2 months old but has known his letters, sounds, and several site words since he was 3. I used Hooked On Phonics and he caught on immediatly and within minutes was reading his first story.

Way to go Luke, we are proud of you!!!


Lisa said...

Great job Luke!

We're working with Kaylen on hers - sounds like she's just about 5 months older than Luke. She knows the sounds but then over-pronounces each letter and has a hard time taking out the breaks between the letters. She's getting there though. I just ordered some material from scholastic, so hoping she'll pick up on some sight words too. Will have to look into Hooked On Phonics.

Ken and Alex Henderson said...

Wow!! Alexander and I just watched this together. We were so amazed that this is our baby Lukey!! We are so proud of him!!