Sunday, September 23, 2007

Another day in paradise!

Calvary Chapel Chino Hills 2007 Baptism

Jim and Me from our viewing point on the hill

Johnny, Luke, and Kyle watching their friends being baptised

Kyle, Johnny, and Luke- the people on the beach are the ones waiting to be baptised

Jim and the boys at sunset-- cold, tired, and very happy!
What a beautiful and wonderful day we had. It's days like this that I am so happy we live in Southern California (even if we really miss our precious TX friends!). The weather was gorgeous and we went to Corona Del Mar beach for the Calvary Chapel Chino Hills baptism. There was around 400 people signed up to be baptised and around a dozen of them were friends that our family really adores. It was such an honor to be there on such a special occasion. We had a great time also just hanging out on the beach, playing, and spending time with our wonderful friends. We are all so tired tonight but had a really great time!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, the beach! I'm so jealous!!