Thursday, September 06, 2007

The gift of letters from the kids!!!

In the last couple days I have received these letters from Stephanie, Jude, and Jacques. I'm so very grateful to be able to communicate with them, even if it is just to remind them over and over again of our love for them!

From Stephanie:

Hi mom
How are you? I'm fine thanks to God. How are the others? I hope that everything is ok for all of us.I write you in this address because Keziah left Haiti last sunday.She told to Argentine that I can write to you on her address mail.I want you know that I love you so much.
I'll always pray for all of you.I love you so much and I miss you.
P.S- Say hi to dad and gives a kiss to my brothers for me please.

From Jacques:

Hello mom
how are you? Yes i had a good birthday. My friends celebrated with me and i received some candies and letters. I was very happy. Thanks for the presents. They are very beatiful. Today i have gone to school. For dinner i didn't eat.
your sweet son; Jaco.

From Jude:

Hello dad, mom and my brothers
I'm very happy because you wrote to me.
Today I went to school and I played wih my friends.I ate cookies.My teacher gave me 10 above 10 for my lesson.

I love you so much and I miss you.
Your son


Anonymous said...

Oh Angela: How Precious! Beyond anything a mom could wish for until she holds her kids in her arms.

funspirit said...

It's fantastic that you can talk to them while they are so far away. I'm sure it really makes them feel special to know you would never forget them. :0)