Saturday, May 31, 2008

We are science humility

We are science humility coloring on a piece of paper.

Sounds deep doesn't it? What does it mean? Uhm... nothing. Luke wrote this in his journal. I'm not "deep" enough to figure out what our 4 year old brain child was thinking when he wrote this. Anyone have any ideas?

I do think I need to teach him what the word humility really means though, because he gave himself 4 stickers on this journal page and they all said things like "Great", "Nice Job", etc.

What are children for if not to amuse their parents?


Rose Anne said...

Maybe he means humanity!
Only God can truly understand a childs mind...
Some of the things S comes up with makes the hair stand up on my arms( in a good way) because I have no way of knowing where they come from....
God Bless,
Rose Anne

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm......maybe it means he's so intelligent that he will pass his mother's science knowledge by the time he's 6 and she will feel humiliated.



Angela said...

LOL... I'll be happy to be able to keep up with him that long! ;)