Friday, May 16, 2008

One little, two little, three little passports

How does that song go? "If you don't have the news you want love the news you have?" Something like that right? So I'm going to love and share the good news~ Our daughters Stephanie and Lovenie, and our son Jude all have PASSPORTS!!! I do think it is important to celebrate each and every step because they don't come easy (or often enough). The news we wanted was that our visas were applied for and it's time to bring our kids home. That ended up not being the case as something that had to do with the kids medical exams is being waited on. At least I know now and am not waiting every day thinking that "today could be THE day".


Ciska said...

Dear Angela,

I've been lurking around on your blog for quite some time, but I never commented on your posts.
Today as I read your news, I rejoiced with you, even though it's not the news you hoped for. I pray you will be able to bring all your children home soon.

God Bless,

DotBlogger said...

Oh man. It's so tough finding out the process isn't as far along than you thought. Since it's an already painstakingly long process, to go backwards stinks!

Sorry, don't mean to be such a downer! I've just experienced it and hear about it often enough to know that it's painful.

But congratulations on the three passports! Those lovely kids are going to be soooo loved once they are with you. Well, they're already loved...but you know what I mean. :)

Have a happy day and may God bring your kids home sooner than later.

Amanda said...

That's WONDERFUL though. **grabbing my party hat**

I know you want them home "yesterday" for sure, but is there a specific time you're praying for now that we can join in?

:~) Maybe by 4th of July?? :~)

Chapter Two Manmi said...

Passports...yeah! What a big step though I know you hoped for other news. It won't be long now and I'm so glad for you as I was a 3-year-long-waiting-mama for my (only) 3 Haitian angels.
Sorry to have lurked from so long. God bless!
Chapter2 manmi

ange said...

What is sweet is that those 3 visas will go right inside of those 3 passports!!! You will get there and even though the news wasn't what you wanted to hear it is news. I am celebrating every step with you so keep sharing! My nieces and nephew need to come home!
my ange to your la

Anonymous said...

Oh but Angela, you are on the precipice! You are looking into Haiti. Your life is about to be turned upside down and inside out.

Hey, I know Ciska from homeschoolblogger ~ she goes to school at the most beautiful university I have ever seen.

Amy said...

Aaaaghh! You are getting SO close that's it's painful! It is yet another thing that you and Ange are connect by...long, anguishing adoptions of beaucoup kids and oh, the glorious reunion it will be!!!! Waiting and waiting with you, inching closer.

Amy B.

Renee said...

I am so happy for you!!!
love you,

Katy said...

Thrilled for you about the passports!! Praying that you get the rest of your good news SOON!!