Thursday, May 22, 2008

How Long Can You Hold Your Breath?

A couple days ago I started unpacking some boxes in Kyle and Jude's room. I came across the blue satin that was used to decorate their room in the previous house and just couldn't resist the urge to create an under water oasis again. Kyle is thrilled with the results. Let's hope that Jude loves it too!

The entry way from the door/hall. The boys love the cascading fish that you must walk by to get into the room.

Kyle just mellowing out by his window. There is something about being surrounded by blue satin that really is very tranquil.

Part of the ceiling "water" view. The ceiling is covered in waves of silky blue satin, and a school of tropical fish.

If you build it they will come: Found these strange sea creatures on the bed under their new waterfall canopy. So... Do you think Jude will like it too?


The Haiti Lady said...

COOL! Jude may wake up thinking he is drowning, but he will get used to it! ;-P
Love ya,

Amanda said...

Very ocean-y. :~)

What a cool mom!