Thursday, May 08, 2008

Moments I'm catching up on

This morning I am taking some restful time to catch up on things I've missed while waiting to be connected. It is AMAZING how much you can miss... the homecoming of Ange and her new daughters for one thing ( . I have been so anxious to read all about it. I also found the sweetest letter from Jude. My reaction was~ We've GOT to get that precious boy home!!! There were many other great emails, posts, and surprises for me online. Here are just a couple more that brought tears to my eyes:

Found on Ange's blog:

"Lovenie fell asleep on me, I dreamt of angela at that moment!"
The times I have seen Lovenie she has wanted nothing to do with me or the friends I traveled with. Since my arms ached from missing out on holding her she was just plain out of luck and HAD to be held by me. Within 10 minutes she wouldn't let me put her down for the rest of the trip. If I tried handing her off to someone while I climbed in or out of the taptap, used the restroom, got some food.. She would scream her cute little head off until she was back in my arms. While it was exhausting... I won't lie~ I LOVED IT!!! Now I have been hearing stories from 3 different friends of her going to them willingly and allowing herself to be loved on. That makes me SO happy!!!!

Then I found this treasure today on Kez's blog:
Lovenie has discovered that she can come down the hall and hang out with the big girls. Her sister Stephanie takes good care of her and all week, every time I have seen Stephanie, I have seen Lovenie clinging to her skirt.

his makes me so proud of our beautiful Stephanie and so happy for our healing Lovenie!

Also, Bryn is back in Haiti also! I just got the news from her that she has a working webcam so as soon as we find ours (Isn't moving fun?) we will be able to set up a time to actually see and chat with our kids LIVE!!!! All good news. Another day of great gifts from God!

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