Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day Picnic

First I just want to thank you all so much for your posts, emails, and prayers. I've truly got the most wonderful friends! Thanks for letting me be whatever it is that I am (happy, sad, goofy) and accepting it for what it is. The pity party seems to be over and there is laughter in our home again. It takes nothing away from how much I miss the rest of our family but I seem to have grieved not being able to be with them and moved on to accepting it.

Around here we don't just celebrate a holiday on the day but drag it out as much as possible. So welcome to our Mother's day weekend! Jim had planned to surprise me with a Family Chocolate Festival in San Diego but we got a late start and the weather here was much better then the weather there so we decided to stay in town and eat lots of chocolate right where we are! We got to use the ammenities of our H.O.A for the first time and it was PERFECT! We had a wonderful picnic lunch and some really great family time.

Chillin' with my boys

Kyle found a great tree to really make the most of our gorgeous view

He took these pictures for us from that tree. This is the view of the Lake from the clubhouse. This is the same view that we have from our windows at home~ Lovin' it!

Luke just being sweet

The day was warmer then we expected and we had not brought towels or swimsuits with us. We agreed to let the kids wade around in the kid pool

But of course it turned into this! Kyle takes a swim in the big pool and we return home with 3 dripping wet kids that just swam in their clothes and had no towels, and 2 very relaxed and happy parents.

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Ericka said...

Hi Sweetie!!! Just checking in. Your place is beyond gorgeous!
The boys look awesome and happy!!!!
Happy Mother's Day!