Monday, May 26, 2008

Some GREAT News!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for praying for us!!! We have received information about the delay in bringing home Stephanie, Jude, and Lovenie. Because of Lovenie's health condition the doctor has requested that she has more testing done before he will sign her Medical exams for her visa. These additional tests have not been done yet. So, no, they will not be home this week or the next. However, this morning the director called us and told us they will work very hard on getting it done and that we should not be waiting more then 4-6 weeks total to have our children running around our home here in America!!!! We are getting there. Then even more exciting news came. We were becoming very concerned about Jacques adoption because of the delays. We were totally shocked to learn that his adoption has already been started and we need to get and rush some paper work to Haiti and when it gets there Jacques will be ready to enter IBESR! IBESR!!!! Woo Hoo. He does not see there being any problem at all with being where we need to be to adopt Jacques before he turns 16. You can't even imagine the relief it was to us to hear this. PRAISE GOD!!!

So now I go off of the "maybe it will be this week" mode and focus on getting ready for them to be home in just a few weeks. And I get to get out of the "fear for Jacques adoption" mode and finally relax a little. It's so rare that we get all good news like this so I think I'll just soak it in for a moment: soaking, soaking, soaking... okay, times up! I need to get working on some paper work that needs to get to Haiti so we can begin to also bring our precious Jacques home!!!!


ange said...

WOO HOO the "man" delivers! THANK YOU GOD!!!!
celebrating with you. Maybe you can take our homestudy with you and we can do the whole thing together again............
Oh celebrating for you my sis!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is Vilner's process still progressing?

Amanda said...

I have GOOSEBUMPS! Seriously, I'm sooo happy to hear good news for you guys! I pray you'll have your little ones before the summer's up! :~)

Angela said...

Thanks for celebrating with us! As far as we know Vilner's adoption is still the plan. We asked about him today also and were told that to their knowledge their birthmom does still want us to adopt him. We are pushing Jacques paperwork forward alone in an attempt to make sure we don't hit the dreaded 16th birthday.

When we pick up the kids we will be able to sit down with their birthmom and have a heart to heart talk with her about her plans and hopes for Vilner (He has not yet been brought into the orphanage). If it is for him to be with us we will happily accept such an honor. If it is to remain with her we will rejoice with her as well. To be continued...! ;)

Amy said...

Anxiously waiting with you Angela! WOO HOO getting closer every day!


Tim & Sarah said...

this is wonderful news! I am so happy for you all!

Rose Anne said...

As Saul used to say when he first came home Allwoojah!!!
Praise God!!!
4 to 6 weeks is not that long!
Isn't God amazing..
God Bless,
Rose Anne

One Crowded House said...

HOORAY! Yes, have fun soaking up
all of that great news!!!
What a relief!

Anonymous said...

PTL!! rejoicing with you!!


The Haiti Lady said...

That is awesome!!!! What tests are they asking for Love?
Glad to hear that J's adoption is moving anyway!!! As long as you get J's papers moving, he will be ok for the adoption and not age out!!!
I pray for the Bmom as she decides what to do for V...praying it will go the way the good Lord wants it too!
Love ya,

Laurie said...

I am so happy for you Angela. I was really worried about you - so I am thrilled you got good news.

The weeks will fly by as you scramble to get everything ready.

Can't wait to hear you are on your way to Haiti

Hugs, Laurie

Ericka said...

Awesome news Angela!!!
Big hugs for your family!!!!
Your 80's outfit was hysterical, you nailed it!!! And the girls' bedroom is abosutely gorgeous. (I bet that was really fun decorating, huh?)
With a full heart,