Friday, May 30, 2008

Eventful Day

Yesterday morning started off with something to celebrate. I won't share what it is just yet (not adoption related) because I so often think good news is on it's way just to be surprised with something unexpected. So I will hold back and just say it was a victory and one giant step towards some good news. We had ourselves an ice cream celebration!

Then the day was full of running errands to get a new dossier on it's way to Haiti for Jacques. We were told we could gather some things up now and send it or wait for Stephanie, Jude, and Lovenie to come home and they could reuse our first dossier. We are going to do all we can to get a new one together. It is possible Stephanie, Jude, and Lovenie could be home before we could receive all the requested papers but just in case we can get it quicker or the children are delayed again... we feel better knowing that it's being worked on. So off to the bank, the police department, the notary, etc, etc. We even stumbled across our new local library and took time out to check it out. Kyle came home with 3 chapter books that he had finished all of within a couple hours. Even with the help of a library we could never keep that kid supplied with enough to read!

I also was able to get a doctors appointment in the evening. Just as we were getting out of the car a firetruck came blazing past us, then another one, and another one. As we got near the door we could see that people were being evacuated. Rumor made it my way that someone snuck into a bathroom to smoke and the second floor (where my appointment was) was now on fire. It was quite exciting to watch the firemen going in and out of the building with all their gear. We decided to see if we could wait it out and maybe still be seen. I was out of sleep medicine and I've come to really like my sleep! Eventually the fire was put out and the doctor came downstairs to see me there. I got my sleep medicine (and slept sound last night, sooooo good!).

We ended the night with pippin' hot pizza and the fantastic 2 hour finale of Lost. How will we manage to wait until it comes on again? HOW did Locke get off the Island? WHAT will we do with our Thursday nights?

So today's forecast is a much milder schedule (thankfully). School, a little cleaning, hopefully the repairmen will actually fix our dishwasher that has been broke for a month and they keep misdiagnosing, and then..... WEEKEND!!!!


ange said...

Ok, I can dream here....
You got news you are moving back to Texas to be close to yoiur children's cousins and wonderful aunt and uncle. You will be moving within walking distance of us and we will have marvelous family gatherings, worship at church together again, and have a glorious time at bible study......
ok, dream is over, what is the news.


Amanda said...

Hmmmm....a mystery.

You watch Lost??? We finished season 3, a bit overwhelmed with the flashbacks/flash forwards....but we'll probably try to watch season 4. I was wondering if they would show reruns this summer.

I Hope, Hope, Hope we have the referral before you go! That would be SO cool. However, I wouldn't dare hope that you'd have to wait another day longer than you already have. Bring on your babies!!!! :~)