Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fire, Flashback, and a Butterfly Garden

Fire, Flashback, and a Butterfly Garden pretty much sums up our fun Memorial Day weekend:

Saturday night~ Kyle and Johnny's best buddy comes over for a sleepover and we hold his parents hostage to stay and hang out with us too! A fire is made in the backyard and we tried out smores with Dark Chocolate.... SOOOO good!

Luke, Debbie, Kyle, and Andrew
Jim and Jim show us the right way to do smores!

Sunday Night~ We went to one of Jim's best friends house for a 80's themed Graduation party after he received his Masters Degree.
"I'm like totally ready to go Dude. Where is my Date?"

There is my Hard Rock Hubby. It was fun doing a flashback for a night. I wondered what the kids would think and Kyle informed us that we looked "Silly". It's not the first time we've looked silly and certainly won't be the last. Today I finally got out all 6 pounds of hairspray. I'm guessing women had a lot of headaches in the 80's.

Monday~ We finally finished the girls room. We didn't get nearly as much done as we had hoped but are happy to report that all the kids rooms are ready to be inhabited!

Room view from the hallway. It is difficult to get a good picture of the overall room but it includes a large canopy down the center of the room and a smaller one over the tea table, butterflies suspended in air, dragonflies in the corner, and much more.

Stephanie's "nook" under a giant leaf.
All set for our little Lovenie


Amanda said...

What a BEAUTIFUL room to welcome your little girls home to! Yay!

An 80's party sounds like fun :~)

The Haiti Lady said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the BIG hair!!!
We (Teens of the 80's and Aqua Net hair spray) are so responsible for the ozone depletion! ;-P
Love ya,

Rose Anne said...

beautiful room for the girls!!!
Can't wait to see them in it !
God Bless,
Rose Anne