Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I've missed the cyberspace connection with you all! We are moved into the new place and everyone is well (tired but well). It took us nearly a week to get our phone/internet/cable but we are connected now.

So the question we are most commonly asked (and thank you for): Any news about the kids? Nope, none. We did hear that our paperwork to apply for the kids visas has made it to Haiti so we are hopeful that they have been applied for and we are just waiting for that ever so important appointment so we can head to Haiti.

I finally got a chance to log on to Ange's blog (it's been killing me all week to not know how it went) and I am thrilled to say that their daughters are home and well! Woo Hoo!!!! It was such a joy to hear!!!

So, I'm back... and blog therapy will resume shortly... so strap on your seat belts and lets have a good time, shall we??

BTW~ Our new email is ~ Please send us a note. After a week without you all I am very anxious to hear from you!

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DotBlogger said...

Glad you're back online! I've been missing you. :)