Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What have we been up to??

Sunday- Went to church with my Grandparents for the first time in years (usually go with my parents to church when I visit)
My Parents: Watching all their Grandchildren playing together (except for the 5 in Haiti) at a very fun park.

Playing at the park in Sand and Mud: Johnny, Luke, Janna (my neice), Jake (my nephew), and Kyle, and another boy at the park that we did not know.

My nephews Jesse and Jake running through the water play area of the park

Janna laying on top of the rocks, Kyle walking the tight rope in the front and Johnny in the back.

Jesse and Luke hanging out together

Sleepover in the RV: Jake on the couch/bed watching a movie and Johnny and Jesse working on a light bright picture together while Luke is sound asleep in the RV bed and Kyle and Janna fell asleep in the house (they were upset the next morning that they did not get to camp out in the RV with us)

Big 60th Anniversary party for my Wonderful Grandparents. Family came from all over, many that we had not seen in years and even some that had never met my husband or kids! My Grandparents are sporting their baseball caps that say bride and groom.

Jesse, Kyle, Johnny, and Luke play with the bubble machine while we decorated for the party
Some of the party going on.

Dad and "his boys" playing on their new basketball hoop and wishing the rest of their teammates were home from Haiti to play with them!


Ericka said...

thanks for sharing your photos with us!!! What a great party and celebration!!!!
I was wondering where you were, I was getting a little nervous!
Your grandparents are ADORABLE!!!!

Angelasparent said...


You did such a great job on the decorations, the games and the prizes. The celebration would not have been the same without all the work that you and Jim did. Grandma is still talking about it. I think she enjoyed it better than the party we did for their 50th.