Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Boys (Young Men) of HFC

Achley 8.11.92
Argusto 3.13.92

Alex Jerome (adopted) 10.4.92

Bernadin Guy Junior (adopted) ...

Camille 6.24.94

Drisk Chevry 2.15.93

Please Please be praying for Duck (as he is nicknamed). He is so wonderful and as you can see by the birthdate will be turning 16 soon. If someone does not start the process to adopt him he will have to be changed to (too old) and he's just such a great kid!! He just broke his arm about a week ago..please keep him in prayer!
The boy on the right is our precious Jude. Ernso is SO cute and sweet!!!
Evens Dorval (too old) 6.17.90

He may be too old to be adopted but is loved as a son in the heart of another friend and loved very much by our family too!
Our Sweet Son! See... He can smile for a picture!

Hermilus 3.8.95

Jefthe (adopted) 8.15.93

This is our son Jude and daughter Stephanie

John Peter (adopted) 9.6.92

Jude Tilus 1.5.96

Mikenlove 11.4.94

Junior Vandomme (too old) 4.1.89
Is now too old to be adopted but loved like a son in the heart of a dear friend of mine!

Monsanto (adopted) 5years

Peterson Mathurin (adopted) 9....

Reginald (funky ears!) 6.17.93

Renick (adopted) 11.22.95

Steve 1.26.96

Richecarde 4.30.95

Wilderson Degraff 1.3.92 (and ...

Wilson (blue shirt) 7.16.94

It's been requested and here it is. Sorry it's taken me so long to post the boys after the girls. It's a time consuming project and time is what has been excaping me. I'm excited to share with you all the princes of HFC. Other then meeting our 5 children and the birth Mom-- these boys were the highlight of the trip. God definitely gave me a great love for these guys and my thoughts are often on them. They are not only smart and respectful young men but really love God and each other. They are unlike any group of teen boys I've ever known! Spend just moments with any one of these boys and you can't help but adore them!!! One of my favorite memories of the trip is when the boys would come over (they live in the boys home across the street and we stayed, obviously, in the girls home) many of them would give me one of their giant flashy smiles, a big hug, a kiss on the cheek and a cheery "Bonjou Angela". Any family would be so blessed to have ANY one of these great guys in their home and hearts. Please pray for homes for those that do not have one yet. Just as I did with the girls I will list each picture along with their name and birthdate. If it says adopted they are in the process of being adopted, if it says "too old" it means they have missed the age 16 mark that they have to be adopted by. This has happened to some REALLY great guys and it just breaks your praying for them too. All the pictures and information was gathered by Kez- thanks Kez!

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