Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A very beautiful miracle!

So many people are hungry, hurting, and even dying in Haiti. Many are helpless due to poverty and lack of education and resorces. There are many hard to hear and heartbreaking stories. However, there are also many really beautiful stories of people who care, making a difference where they can. With God's help nothing is impossible. How can God use you to make a difference for his Glory today?

In this story many people worked together to bring two dying babies to America. This story is even more precious because the babies and their caretakers lived with one of my best friends, Ange, in Austin, TX while receiving medical treatment there. Another friend of mine that God brought to me through emails that did not know Ange was also working behind the scenes to help these girls. She sent me an email to let me know that she was flying from Illinois to Austin, TX to help with these girls and I put the pieces together to realize that they were talking about the same babies and that my precious online friend was headed to meet my friend of many years that is like a sister to me! When God's involved it's amazing how small our world seems.

Here is the story of these precious babies. I hope you are all very encouraged by it as well as keeping them and their family in your prayers. Please take just a moment to see this beautiful article and video and then to thank God for his miracles:


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