Friday, June 15, 2007

Jeremiah 29:11 Continued....

Hi all,

I've shared with you many times how precious the verse Jer. 29:11 has become to us. God's used it again and again to confirm our adoptions and encourage us. It never fails that Jer. 29:11 will pop up in a message, on the radio, on a flier, in an email, on a sign... you name it just suddenly appears unexpectedly and we ALWAYS get news about the adoption! It's been such a neat gift that God has given us.
For those of you wondering...

Jer. 29: 11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Well, now I'm going to get very honest with you. This week has been a really crummy one. I'm tired and sore. We just got back from a family party that I really believed that at least 3 of our children would certainly be home for, and also yet another of Lovenie's birthday's passed by without her home. There are a few kids coming home or very close to coming home that started the process of adoption long after us (since I'm being honest, I'm thrilled for them and frusterated for us). I have been in a crummy mood and praying rarely and yet when I do I have felt like there is just silence... no answers or comfort from God, but even while I prayed my attitude was just really crummy. Last night I broke down and just cried out to God, telling him that I hurt, I'm sad, I'm being crummy and I'm sorry but I just really really need Him, and need to know that He hears my prayers and knows how I feel and is still in control.

This morning I checked my emails and received a bible verse that said:

In those days when you pray, I will listen. If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.

Exactly what I needed to hear, right when I needed to hear it! God is so very good! Then as if that was not a blessing enough I noticed that the verse is from Jer. 29: 12-13. The verses following the verse God has used to bless us over and over again. Thank you Lord!!


Julie said...


Great news! You can still claim the promises of Jeremiah 29:11... If you go up a few verses, this verse was written to a bunch of Jews who had just been defeated and taken into captivity. It is best used when you feel persecuted (like someone isn't signing off your kids passports) or going through a trial.

You can also claim this promise for your children. The people who Jeremiah spoke this to were never recipients of the promise. They were in captivity for 70 years. They were told to build houses, plant gardens, pray for Babylon... the promise was for their children and grandchildren.

So, here it to preparing our home, doing some gardening to help us pass time (or scrapbooking, quilting, whatever you prefer) and praying for the peace of Haiti.

Angela said...

Thanks Julie,

That's totally awesome. I have read all of Jer. to understand the context and it really is encourageing! The 12th and 13th verse just didn't stick with me then like they did today. It's neat how God makes his word POP out at you just what you need...just when you need it. So cool!

Joyfully, Angela

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, se m. I am still convinced that the reason it's going so slowly is because there are a few more kids in Haiti that are meant to be Laughlins...
Love you!

Heather said...

I remember those feelings so well. I love your honesty and I love your faithfulness even in sadness. What a testimony!!

Angela said...

Heather, thank you so much for your understanding and kind words. It's so comforting to know you're not alone when feeling this way!

Kez- Tell the truth... Do you already have our other family members picked out? I'm going to have to stop taking your's and Ange's emails for a while! You two get us in to too much trouble! Haha. Kidding of course.
Mwen renmen ou tou, se'm! (is tou used correctly there? Help me out!)