Monday, June 25, 2007

This week we head to Haiti!!!!!

Friday night of this week my friend, Debbie, and I will board a red-eye flight to Florida. Saturday morning we will head to the gate to our connecting flight where we will meet up with the rest of our mission team that is coming from all over the country. This team is made up of mostly adopting parents and their family and friends. Most of us do not know each other other then years of email relationships. I have the added blessing of meeting up there with one of my best friends, Ange, from Texas. I believe there will be 13 team members and also 13 children that are being adopted by this group that will stay at the guest house with their American family!

I have so many prayer requests for this trip: Please pray that God would use us all in a way that will be pleasing to Him while at the same time working on the hearts and lives of each of us team members. Please also pray for our safety and health and that our luggage makes it to Haiti. I'm especially concerned about the luggage that Debbie and I are packing as it contains many gifts that might make them very tempting to "disappear."

I can't wait to be holding our children again, watching other mothers meeting their children for the first time, others viewing Haiti for the first time, and seeing how God uses and changes our group!

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