Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Renee Zellweger Vote Here -- UPDATED

UPDATED: It has been requested that I dye my hair blond for further evaluation of this question. It's a lot easier for me to instead find a picture of Renee with my hair color. Hope this will be enough...done the blond thing--sticking with dark. Personally I think Renee should too. I'll be in touch with her people.
Okay, just for fun... this will be mostly for those who know me or have seen lots of pictures of me on this blog.....

Over the years again and again I hear "you know who you look like?" I'm always pretty sure of the following answer "That actress Renee Zellweger!" Some people even like to throw in a "you sound just like her too."

The last time I heard this I was on a flight to Haiti to meet our kids for the first time. It was a red eye flight and I was seated by the window with a husband and wife next to me-- the husband on the aisle seat. The airline showed a movie and it just happened to be the Mrs. Potter movie starring Renee Zellweger. The man in my row looked at the screen and then looked at me a few times and then leaned over his sleeping wife saying to me "Hey, hey- what's the name of that actress?" Of course knowing her well I said that would be Renee Zellweger and He said "It's you, that's you... You look just like her!!!" I laughed and said I've been told that from time to time. It was a long movie and a long flight but I was amused at how many times the guy looked at the movie then looked at me, then the movie, then me.....over and over again. I shared this with my friends Amy and Kez that I was in Haiti with and they called me Renee from time to time. One of the girls braided my hair so that it was totally pulled back and one of them said (I don't remember which) "Now you really do look like Renee."

I know I'm not a glamorous actress and that she is much prettier then I am but I have been very amused by how many people make comments about this. So for those of you that know me... I'm curious to hear what YOU think.... :)

I also found a clip of Renee with hair more my color and and you can hear her voice and I kinda get what people are saying about the voice. When I was a waitress I had a little 'ol lady that I waited on that kept commenting over and over on how great my voice is, even to the extent that I should make money with my voice. I'm thinking "Wow, thanks." and as my head begins to get big she adds... "Like doing cartoons or something!" Thanks lady. :)


LeAnne The Haiti Lady said...

WEIRD!!! You do look like her.

I always thought I looked like one of the flying monkeys on the Wizard of Oz..hehehehe (just being weird after taking 6 kids to the movies and having soda in my system....)
Love ya,

ange said...

Let's blonde ya up a touch and then post photos side by side. No matter what, you are much more beautiful, inside and out!
the ange to your la

KEz said...

Of course you do!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ange --- let's blonde you up.... (smile)

your smiles are similar...


Angela said...

LeAnne, You always crack me up. My husband laughed out loud when he read your referrence to the flying monkeys. We agree that perhaps you should lay off the soda for a while....

Ange & Linda- I was looking at pictures from the cruise I went on right before moving from TX. My hair was quite blonde then..do you remember it? It stayed that way for such a short time.
With my IQ I need all the help I can get so blonde is too risky for me. ;)

Kez- Hi se'm!!

Angela said...

My 8 year old son, Kyle's vote: He saw the newly added picture and said "Is that you?"

Angelasparent said...

I agree with Ange. You are much more beautiful. I think Renee Zellweger should be proud to be mistaken for you. (Not prejudiced, mind you; just stating the facts.