Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We need YOUR help....

Hi everyone,

I've shared with you all what absolutely wonderful kids the kids of HFC (Hope for the children of Haiti) and NLL (New Life Link) are. There are around 60 of the sweetest teens I've ever met! When I was there I noticed that one thing the kids were really lacking is some entertainment! They would go nuts over anything I brought with me that was electronic, especially my portable DVD player and movies. I shared with you in a previous post about our movie night and what a great time we had. The boys and girls of HFC and NLL live in 2 separate houses. In the girls house there is one tv and a dvd player but very few movies (and they have seen them over and over again!). In the boys house they also have a tv to share and when I was visiting there house they were all crowded around it watching each other play a nintendo game system. I found out that was all they had and they had to swap it back and forth between the girls and boys house taking turns with it. I had mentioned to Jacques in front of other boys that we have a Playstation 2 game. Jacques got a huge smile and all the other boys nearby cheered and laughed for him. They knew what it was and were so excited that Jacques had one. That's when I knew that I really wanted to bring some fun to these kids!!

Last weekend my husband and I had a garage sale and used the money we made from it to buy them a Playstation 2 with lots of accessories and some games! We have also been working to collect a DVD "library" for the kids. We have had friends donate some for us to take and several other adoptive parents buy online and have dvd's sent to us, plus the ones we have that we want to take and we are getting a pretty neat collection! One of the things we like to work on now is bring them another tv. The tricky part about this is that it can not be heavy and lumpy because we have to take it to the orphanage with us. So, we found a 15" flat screen tv with dvd player at Sam's club for only $250! We are tapped out and so are seeking donations to help us get this tv for the kids. So far we are up to promised donations of $95 which is great but we still have a ways to go.

If you would like to help in any way we could still use teenage friendly movies, decent and non-violent but not too kiddie, on dvd- preferably with the option to play the movie in french. Also, more games for the Playstation 2 would be great--again keeping them decent. The boys are REALLY into soccer and basketball so sports and racing games would be great. Another way to help would be to offer a donation of any amount towards the purchase of the tv. If you would like to donate a movie or game please check with me to make sure that we do not already have it.

Thanks so much for considering helping us bless these great kids with some FUN. They will be SO thrilled!!!

You can post a comment if you would like to help or you can email me at


Amber said...

What is the update on the TV?

Angela said...

Hi Amber,

We have not made much progress towards the tv. We have pledges of $95 so still have a long ways to go. So, we either need to forget the idea or get more people who can chip in.

Thanks for asking about it.

Joyfully, Angela