Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Great Video's from Haiti

Here is a video of the birth mom of 4 out of 5 children we are adopting. She shares very honestly about her difficult decision to allow her children to be adopted:

Meet baby Vilner. Typical of any child I was tickling him and he was cracking up so I decided to record him while tickling him and he didn't even smile, but you can hear Lovenie voicing her jealous complaint when I'm holding him and not her! :)

This video was a surprise when I got home. One of the boys in the orphanage took it without me knowing. I was singing Lovenie to sleep and Jacques came over to give me a big hug and then at the end of the video Jacques said who he was and that his Mom was there and loves him very much and he loves her too. Very sweet to come home to:

This link is for a video of Junior sending his Hello to his American friend and family

This link is from Emmanuel. One of the very sweet 15 year old boys I recently shared with you about. He is so wonderful! Please pray that he will find a family before he is 16 and no longer adoptable. He would be such a wonderful addition to any family! He's doing his best to speak in English to all my friends in America that I told him are praying for him:

The view of the morning "rush hour" out side of our window at the orphanage. I woke up very early each morning thanks to the roosters in the background and the noise of the many people walking by:


ange said...

I am not sure but I have seen that rush hour before, is it rush hour for the water truck? I saw many buckets going down in hand and coming up on their heads. Oh..... if only we were there


Angela said...

Oh, there's a water truck? I didn't see it but that would explain it. :) See how much I have to learn? You will be there very very soon my sweet friend. Hopefully we will be there together, Lord Willing!

Love you lots!