Monday, April 30, 2007

April Update photo

Here is the official update picture for April from NLL for Stephanie, Jude and Lovenie. Lovenie is wearing the dress I brought her for Easter and Stephanie is wearing a dress that I brought to her that a friend gave us for her, and Jude is wearing my favorite Jude thing... that very sweet grin he ALWAYS has on!!! :)

I emailed them and thanked them for the picture but also reminded them that they forgot one child now that Jacques is part of our family. Hopefully we will have a picture of him soon too. I got a letter from Stephanie this morning sending her love and thanking us again for adopting all her brothers and sisters. I also got a cute story about Lovenie from Kez. It sounds like she probably understands more then we all realize! I can't wait to get them home!!!!! Please keep praying for them with us. Vilner, as far as we know, is not in the orphanage yet and we do not know when he will be brought in. Hopefully we will be able to have update photo's of our adorable "baby" of the family soon too.

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