Monday, April 30, 2007

Fossil Falls Adventures

I am NOT a camper! At least that's what I insisted a few days ago. I didn't have any good memories since being an adult of camping and I was not thrilled about going along for Kyle's cub scouts family campout at Fossil Falls (CA). Because I'm so "anti-camp" I got quite a few emails from family and friends teasing me about going (you know who you are). It turns out I had a GREAT time!!! I was so glad I went.

Jim, Kyle, Johnny, and Luke at the very top of the huge pile of rocks at our camp spot.
Same pile of rocks, same guys, just a shot from further away. This big pile of rocks was great climbing practise for the adventure we had in store for us the next day.

Luke just chillin' at the campsite.

Kyle and Johnny in front of the campfire that was started with NO matches! Yes, you heard me right. Watch for the upcoming posted video titled "Matches? We Don't need no stickin' matches"

It's not camping without smores!

Kyle, Johnny, Luke, and their best friend Andrew in front of Andrew's tent that Kyle and Johnny camped out in with him.

The 4 Amigo's hanging out inside the tent.

Jim and Luke sound asleep in the back of our Yukon on Morning 2. We slept here with the seats down, a memory foam mattress, pillows, and blankets and were very comfortable!

Johnny sleeping in inside Andrew's tent on Morning 2.

The kids from Kyle's cub scout den that came. On the hike on the way to the rock climbing.

We found this water pump along the way. The weather forcast for that day was 98 so even though it was still early in the morning everyone was happy to get wet with this cold water before continuing on. We also stopped on the way back when we were all very hot and exhausted.

Kyle and Johnny getting ready to head into the great rock climbing adventure.

In the rocks there were all sorts of caves, holes, and paths to explore. In this picture Kyle, Johnny, and Luke had climbed down into a big hole.

The "guys"

Dad- the very experienced rock climber had no trouble getting through any parts of the climb.

Luke (age 3) taking on the hardest part of the climb. He was the youngest at the camp. He was such a natural at rock climbing that he surprised us all. He had NO fear (I had to make him hold my hand near the cliffs!!) and was an amazing climber. Perhaps we should have named him "Billy" instead because I'm pretty sure he is part billy goat!

Johnny going down the toughest part of the climb with Dad there ready to help him if he needs it.

Kyle at the very start of the toughest part of the climb. He did great!!

Proof that I was there. Just chillin by one of the cliffs. I can proudly boast that I was able to do EVERYTHING my 3 year old could do!!!!

There were so many nooks and crannies that the boys had a blast crawling in and out of!

After the hike and rock climb everyone was hot and tired. So we all happily got in our vehicles with the AC blasting and took about a half hour drive to a beautiful nearby lake. The water was FREEZING cold and just what we all needed. Afterwards we drove into a small town and went into a store and got ice cream that everyone ate together at outdoor tables. It was just what we all needed and we returned to camp cooled off and revived!

Luke and Jim on the boat dock some of the craziest of our crew was jumping off of. You can see Kyle near them by the dock in the cold water. I didn't get in past my knees...WAY too cold!

The very insane Jim getting ready to dive off the back of the boat dock. Don't do it! The water's freezing!!

No turning back now!

He didn't stay in long! Haha. He swam right back to the dock but I was still impressed that he did it at all. :)
We all had a wonderful time and except for some scrapes and bruises came home safely and very tired but happy. I wished over and over again for our children in Haiti. They would have loved this and I would have loved having them there!! Maybe we will do it again when they get here. Anyone want to come with us?


Anonymous said...

This looks like soooooooo much fun! It almost makes me wish we lived out in CA!


Angela said...

You just say when and I'll help you pack!!!! :)