Monday, April 23, 2007

Bad News Bandits!!!!!!

Kez, Jacques, and Kim
The above photo's are pictures of what a bad influence 2 missionaries can be on my darling sweet son!!!! Kidding of course... these girls bring so much fun and laughter to so many children and teenagers in Haiti. Please pray for them as God is doing a great work in and through them.
Jacques is wearing sunglasses that we bought for him before we knew he was going to be our son and before I knew that I would be going to Haiti. We had gathered gifts and I hand made cards (writing as good as I could in Creole) for Stephanie, Jude and Lovenie and a couple of their friends. At the time we were seriously praying about adopting Jacques as well but had not received a clear answer from the Lord yet so we got him these sunglasses as a gift and I wrote the card simply as friends in America that are praying for him. Then we mailed the cards and gifts to Kim and they all received them this weekend. It's so funny to see him wearing the glasses and think back about buying them not long ago without knowing for sure he would end up being our son and certainly having no clue I would meet him before he received the gift and card. God's so awesome, Life is such an adventure, and only God know's what surprises He has next for us and I can't wait to experience them all!
Here is Kez's explanation about the above photo's. Don't believe her for one second about her innocence and my precious Jacques guilt!!! :)
The photos are from our water fight on Saturday. Kim had brought a bunch of water guns and we were ready to go over to the boys’ house to get wet, but I thought it would be much cooler if we dressed up as bandits and went over fully loaded to attack whoever opened the gate for us. Hence our lovely get-ups. Your punk son, Jacques, kept squirting me in the face, trying to get it in my eyes or in my mouth. I swear, I did not even shoot back at him, nor did I dump a bucket of water on his head, nor did I pick him up and try to drop him in a large puddle. So as you can see, his violence was unprovoked and uncalled for.

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ange said...

what sweet missionaries we love!!! I LOVE the pix. Kim is such a sweetie for taking things down ;)