Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My daughter is such a PRINCESS!!!!!!

Stephanie would gigle when I would call her a princess and she asked me if I would be putting her in a princess gown and crown and I told her I just might have to do that. I doubt anyone can question what a princess she is after seeing these pictures of her and these video's!

To see our adorable girl dance to to the song "Awesome God" please click here:

To see my sweet girl tell me hello and blow me a kiss click here:

Tonight I got an email from Kez and she told the kids about how we are going to go camping this weekend and here are their reactions:
Jacques thinks that you going camping is a riot (yes, he's obviously got me figured out) and Stephanie is horrified at the concept of sleeping outdoors in a tent (I'm telling you...Princess!). And Jude has finally got the drift that he shouldn't be running around the house naked when I am there.

Gotta Love them! :)

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