Friday, April 06, 2007

And it just keeps getting better and better!!!

Two words to really describe this week is exciting and overwhelming! I can't believe I leave tonight for Haiti and tomorrow morning will be meeting our children for the first time.... Wow!!! So, even MORE great news. My husband talked this morning to the orphanage Director and he told us that he is trying to get someone at the orphanage to get in touch with the kids birth mom and have her and the baby come into the orphanage on Monday so we can meet!!! I can't believe it! Please pray that God will give me the words (preferably in Creole as I continue to practise) to tell her how much I love her and her children and that He would really bless this time.

ALSO... This Is just totally unheard of but in the last few days we were able to update our entire dossier to add Jacques and Vilner to our adoption. The Agency we worked with for our home study rushed the update to us and Fed Ex got it to us at noon today so I will be able to hand deliver all their paper work to Haiti tomorrow!!! Unbelievable... and so totally God!!

AAAANNNNDDD.... Jim just got off the phone with his Mom breaking the news of the adoption of the two other boys and while there was a lot of "You're Crazy" and "You're Nuts" being thrown around it was in good humor and was accepted very well. It's exciting to be able to share it with our family and have their support!

It's a great Good Friday. I'm so thankful for Jesus's sacrifice for me and it's been on my heart as well and I can't believe He's allowing me to celebrate His resurrection at a church in Haiti with at least four of our new family members!!!

God is so so so so so GOOD! And I am just blown away by His love!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll try and post from Haiti but if I'm not able to I will have all sorts of news to share when we get home!!

Joyfully, Angela

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