Saturday, April 14, 2007

Fun times at the orphanage!!!

Kerline's Bon voyage party! Kerline is the stunning girl with the big smile in the bright pink shirt-Now home with her family!

UPDATE: I just got these photo's from Amy (who I traveled with). I'm so greatful to have these memories captured. The above picture is of our movie night. I'm sitting in the middle with the orange dress with my arm around Stephanie next to me, Jacques is next to her in the purple shirt, and Jude next to him. The boy sitting next to me in the white shirt is the very sweet Junior, Ange's sweetheart (Eat your heart out Ange!!!) haha

We had such a great time while there. The kids were so much fun and Kez really invests herself in making sure they are enjoying themselves. I wish I had the video and pictures of these games (remember the first 2 of 3 days were all erased?) because it shows them running, laughing, and screaming. :) First it started off with a big treasure hunt. Kez made all the kids wait in a room so they couldn't see what she was doing and then ran all over the orphanage putting up yellow sticky notes for the kids to find their next clue on. It was so funny when they would find a clue they would scream and yell and jump up and down and then you had to look out so you didn't get trampled as they ran towards the next clue. The final clue was that they had to get me and Amy (the American visitors) in our room together and once they did that yummy chocolate Easter Candie's were handed out. They had so much fun and it was so much fun to be a part of. Then from that moment on we had bunches of kids hanging out in our room.

Amy had brought a stuffed suitcase full of fun and colorful crib toys and so spent some of the first day making sure all the babies had something fun to play with in their cribs. It was so sweet to go in there and see them happily playing with the toys she brought.

After that we went up on the top of the roof with the kids. It's somewhat fenced in and is an area for the kids to sometimes play, hanging hand washed laundry, and gathering water for bathing. Once on top of the roof Kez helped the kids make "kites" using plastic grocery bags (she had emailed Amy and me to bring as many as we could) and string. The kids were having so much fun while up there but were a little disappointed when there was not much wind. This is when I got to know the teen boys better. They all live in a separate house across the road and can only come to the girls house if Kez comes and gets them. They were all so handsome and sweet!!

Later, back in our room, We were hanging out with a bunch of the teenagers (and my kids) and they saw my dvd player and movies I brought along and wanted to look at them. They all got very excited about wanting to see the movie Cheaper by the Dozen. So Kez had the idea of calling it a movie night and got all the kids together that night in one of their class rooms. This class room had a tv and dvd player and she played it for all the kids to watch together. Also, Amy and I had both brought the kids M&M's so those treats were passed out during the movie. It was definitely the most enjoyable movie night party I've ever been a part of. The kids wouldn't just laugh at the funny parts... they would laugh LOUD, bang the desks and stomp their feet... and they laughed often. It was such a hoot!!! The electricity would go out a couple of times during the movie and we would all be sitting in total darkness until the generator kicked in and then the good times would start back up. These kids are so funny and love to have a good time!

The next morning was Easter. We all got dressed up and ready to go. When my kids showed up, especially the girls, they were all frilled up and so gorgeous. The boys were also dressed very dressy and so handsome! Those are some of the pictures I'm saddest about losing. We all walked to church together. I took Lovenie with me and it was her first time to church and likely her first time out of the gates of the orphanage since she arrived as a little baby so that was really special. Church was sweet and fun. It was so heartwarming to see these kids sing out to God during worship time and while I couldn't understand the words in Creole I recognized some of the songs and would sing along quietly in English which won me a smile from Stephanie! After singing I couldn't understand what was being said in Creole but the kids around me where trying to get me to stand up and go to the front. I was not expecting this but as a visitor you have to go up front and tell them who you are, a little about yourself, and who brought you to church with them. Amy and I went up there along with a handful of little kids and waited up front for our turn. When it was my turn I did my best to say in Creole Bonjou, my name is Angela, I am American, and I came with my children Jacques, Stephanie, Jude, and Lovenie.

The last night there was a big going away party for Kerline, who was the beautiful 14 year old daughter Amy was there to pick up. The kids had worked for a long time to make a giant Bon Voyage sign for her and we met for the party in the school room where the movie night was held. Lots of food was passed out (always a treat to get extra food!) and some of the kids would sing her a song, and then took turns standing in front of everyone saying their sweet goodbyes to her, some children even crying. One boy burst into tears and couldn't finish his speech. While I couldn't understand what was being said there must have been a lot of very funny things going on because the kids would do their loud roar of laughter, banging, stomping, and yelling. They were having such a great time. Because I didn't understand what was being said and because it got so loud and I had Lovenie with me I decided to head up to my room and spend that last night playing with Lovenie. I was glad I did because Jude and Jacques followed me and I had some quiet times with them for our last night together before the boys had to go back to their house. When the party was over the boys had to leave (it was so hard saying good night for the last time and I had to try real hard not to cry). Stephanie and Lovenie got to sleep with me so I still had all night to stay up with them. We had a little last night party in our room where Stephanie and Kerline watched one of my movies on my portable dvd player and Amy, Kez, and me watched a movie (and ate candy) while watching a movie Kez had not seen yet.

So much laughter and fun! If it were not for the horrible heat, and having family at home I may have never left! :)


ange said...

lets just pack them up with us next time and stay!

Angela said...

Count me in!!!

Angelasparent said...


Thanks for sharing the videos and the account of your trip. We are so excited to meet all the kids, and are praying for a quick conclusion to the process.

I love you, Sweetie, and am very proud of the woman you have become.

Love, Dad