Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sorry Everyone...We all ready claimed the greatest children in Haiti!!!

Tonight I got an email letter from Stephanie and one from Jacques. It's so neat the way God has put a love in each of our hearts and our family bond is already so strong. I wanted to share part of their letters with you to encourage anyone that is considering adoption..especially of older kids. I don't think people realize what a blessing they really are and they are often over looked. Stephanie tells Kez what she wants her to write me and she translates it for me but because Jacques has been at the orphange most of his life and was able to go to school he speaks Creole, English, Spanish, and French so writes his own letters to me (can you tell I'm very proud of him!!!).

I hope you enjoy them sharing their hearts with us, giving God the glory, and are encouraged to consider adopting older children as well:

Stephanie's letter:
Dear Mom,
I am praying for you a lot. For everything that you are doing for me, I pray to God and Jesus. Jesus sent you to me so that you would adopt me as your daughter. I thank you so much. And I will never stop praying for you. I thank you because you are adopting all my brothers and sisters too so that we can live together. Also, you forgot a towel in your room. I am saving it for you and I will give it to you when you come. Have a good night. Tell my brothers and my dad goodnight too. I love you,
Bye! Stephanie Jeannis (age 11)

Hello Mom and Dad,
How are you? I’ m fine but I miss you. Mom, you and Dad are gifts that God gave me. I love you and Dad so much. Mom, say to Kyle and Johnny and Luke that I can’t wait to play with them and hug them. Mom, I was happy when you hugged and kissed me. Only you and Keziah who made that for me. When you left, it’sKeziah who consoled me when I cried. I want to see Dad, I want to hug Dad, I want to play with him. Thank you because you were agreed when Keziah said I wanted to have long hair. I love that. I’m very
happy cause I will have a family, a good family. Stephanie and Jude love you so much. I love you Mom and Dad. God bless you.
Your child, Jacques (age 15)

A couple thoughts about Jacques: Notice that he calls us Mom and Dad many times. Jacques does not know his birth Mom and Dad and I thank God so much that now he has one of each, he deserves to have a family that loves him! Also, the comment about the long hair... at the orphanage the boys all have to keep their hair shaved off. I don't know for sure why but I'm guessing because it's easier. Kez was telling me that all the boys really want to grow their hair out so I told them on the way to the airport when they come home they can wear their hair as long as they like. Their faces lit up!!!

Hope you've enjoyed sharing in our great blessings! Joyfully, Angela


ange said...

it is a cultural thing from what I understand from Rony. he says that the chemire (sp) used to have long hair and I think that Dr. Bernard prefers them to look respectable at all times. just my thoughts

Heather said...

I just got home from the hospital with our foster baby and ran to check your blog to see if you were home. I read every word and cried like a baby as I watched the videos. I am so happy for you and all your kids(: Thank you for sharing such special moments - hopefully others will be encouraged to adopt and to God be the glory for so beautifully orchestrating your family!!