Thursday, April 05, 2007

I LOVE my family

Jude, Lovenie, and Stephanie
Johnny, Luke, and Kyle at the Drive-In theater

Stephanie, Jude, Lovenie, and Vilners mother will always be a member of this family! (isn't she gorgeous like her children?)

Our new baby Vilner!

The Very handsome Jacques

Me and my Sweetheart -God has blessed us with an amazing marriage!!!

My Parents- The greatest role models anyone could have!!!

I have been thinking a lot about how outrageously blessed I am when it comes to the family God has given me. My Great Grandmother is my greatest role model as a Christian woman you could feel the presence of the Lord in her life just standing near her and it's my dream to leave the kind of legacy she did after I have headed to heaven, My Grandma and Grandpa are so loving and amazing and have such a love for God, My parents are just outstanding parents- They are both so loving, generous, and kind, and both of them an absolute crack up! We laugh so much with them. For April fools weekend we really got them all. We live an 8 hour drive away and we snuck in to town without telling them we were coming and surprised them all- they were wonderful sports about it, even after we put cling wrap over their toilet bowl (Dad, noticed it so it flopped a bit), shortsheeted their beds and put rice in their sheets, convinced my Dad that their RV (that we stay in when we visit) had flooded...still good sports!

My Grandma had mentioned that she had just sung a song at church and I told her I wish I could have heard her sing. So, the next night she was hosting a big family dinner (lots of other relatives were visiting from out of town too) and sang the song again for me. :) My Dad, Grandpa, and Uncle played their guitars along with her. It turned into a very precious video of our family that I will always treasure, and just not to let things get too sappy my husband, in his usual character, decided to add a little to the end of the video and it's pretty funny. Here is the link for anyone that's interested:

As far as my immediate family (husband and kids) Where do I even begin??? They are so wonderful. I'm convinced that I managed somehow to marry the greatest father and husband to ever live! My children are such a joy to me and I'm already so in love with our children in Haiti! What an honor that God would bless me in such a way as with this amazing family. I love each one of you so much!!!!!!!!!!!


LeAnne The Haiti Lady said...

I wish my family would be as supportive with the 'crazy' ideas I have as your seems to be. When we said we wanted 2 more kids (Kai and Nikaya) they thought we had lost it. Needless to say, they are happy they are home, but if I dropped a bomb in them that I was getting more I think they would have a heart attack.
Love ya,

Ericka said...

Angela, trust me, you do have an incredibly supportive and wonderful family. But YOU are pretty amazing and incredible yourself!!! God IS working in your life and thru YOU!!!! You are a living testament and an inspiration.
When do you leave?

Angela said...

Hi LeAnne and Ericka!!

Thanks for your kind words. I leave on a redeye tomorrow night at 9PM getting into Florida early Saturday morning and meeting up with Amy and then we fly into Haiti and get in around 9:50. I wish I could take you both with me!!
Love ya, Angela