Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Now Kids Can Fly For FREE!!!

Kids Fly Free In a rare show of solidarity, all major airlines in North American have announced today that all kids aged 0 to 17 will fly free on all routes. Spokesman Mike Ep, president of Intercontinental Airlines, was misty-eyed as he proclaimed: "It's hard enough for parents to afford to raise kids, let alone give them decent vacations. This is our way of saying, 'Thanks for everything, Mom and Dad.'"
Going one step further, the Canadian government has announced that it will fund free resort stays for families. "We think it's only prudent," says Finance Minister Maul Partin. "Sociological studies clearly show that Canadian children who escape winter with a holiday at a Caribbean resort almost never grow up to be criminals. By spending our money now on preventative family resort holidays, we can save billions on the justice system down the line."
Not to be outdone, Behemoth Cruise Lines has a bold new pricing policy for families: kids pay only the amount of money the child has in his or her piggybank.
All in all, 2008 could be the best year ever for families, if only April 1st pricing policies can be extended to the entire year.

This of course is an April Fools joke- Have a fun April 1st!!

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Anonymous said...

My goodness! I totally fell for that! Good one.
(I'm Tracy, a lurker that stumbled onto your blog through other adoption blogs).