Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What a good sport!

Ahh man... I love April Fools day... Part II~~ So I showed my husband a little grace this morning so that he would not miss his train but even that in its-self ended up being a good prank. Jim told me later that he was already suspicious of the fact that I stayed up later then him last night. He was sure I was rigging some sort of trap for him. So this morning (he gets up while it's still dark) he carefully crept across our room, across the bathroom floor being careful not to slip on anything or run into any string on the door. Just the mental picture of him moving cautiously waiting for something to happen had me cracking up!
He usually calls me when he is at the train station and getting ready to board to come home. He tried telling me he was still at work and not going to make the last train~ I didn't believe him. Then I told him how relieved I am that he was just kidding because me and the kids decided to walk to the Carl's Jr. that is a couple miles from our house and I was hoping he would come by and pick us up. So after he got off the train and back in the car he headed to Carl's Jr. talking to me on the cellphone until he was just a couple minutes away. I gave a very compelling chat about being at Carl's Jr and then told him that I was going to go and get the kids ready so we could head home as soon as he got there. So, of course, he gets to Carl's Jr. and his family is nowhere in sight. He calls me and tells me he thought I might be tricking him and knew I was at home. That's when me and the boys said "April Fools" into the cell phone. Then I told him how I hurried to get off the phone with him and rushed the kids across the parking lot and we were now in the grocery store. So we stay on the phone together while I tell him we are in the ice cream aisle and start asking him what kind he wants and reading flavors off to him. He goes to meet us in the ice cream aisle and GUESS WHAT? We are not there!!! Once again we all say into the phone "April Fools". Then I add "Hey, since you're at the store in the ice cream aisle, can you bring us home some ice cream?" So, yes, it was an elaborate hoax to get some ice cream! Then he gets home with the ice cream to find a note on the door that we are at the park! Where are we anyways? Sure enough he opens the locked door, turns off the alarm, and is greeted with a dark and quiet house. Meanwhile me and the boys were hiding and giggling until he found us.

Good times!


Anonymous said...

Jim --- a suggestion for next year:

1) Plan a business trip the day before April 1st and come home a day after

2) Do not answer any phone calls from CA during your trip

3) unplug the stove, TV, mircowave, hotwater heater, and washing machine/dryer before you leave

4) give the next door neighbor or a friend a set of her van keys (I'm confident she'll have her licenses back by then :-) and have them 'steal' her vehicle while you're gone.

5) Set up a hidden video or audio recorder to record her responses

5) Do NOT answer the phone when she calls to report the car is missing.

4) act very naive when you get back home and she tells you the saga

5) pop some popcorn and ask her if she wants to sit down and watch herself on video

6) DON'T FEEL A BIT GUILTY -- she deserves it!

Angela said...

Hey!!! Who's friend are you anyways??!!! It may be signed anonymous but I know who you are. :)

Alexandria said...

Poor Jim. You are way too much fun! You really could use this day to your advantage.... I bet Jim would PAY you to skip next years April Fools. Giggle. You could take the money and spend the day at the mall where you'd find a whole bunch of unsuspecting victims.. and get to shop. I'm still laughing!!