Monday, April 07, 2008

Riots in Haiti and a big crazy day UPDATED

So sad to share that there are protests and riots going on in Haiti. While the protesters certainly have reason to protest (50% raise in the cost of food while many are already starving!) it does not take long for things to get out of hand. The riots include road blocks, looting, burned cars, UN workers shoot at and shooting, and at least 4 people already killed. As if that is not concerning enough... There are people that we love right in the midst of the madness. Our children were taken out today for immunizations (one step closer to traveling!) and are now back at the Agency office where they are locked in (if I understand correctly) the office along with our friend Bryn, NLL staff members, and 2 families trying to get their visas today! They are just 100 yards or so from the Presidential Palace so please pray for their safety.

The families that are waiting on visas could really use your prayers also. One family has flights booked for this evening and need their child's visa in hand to leave. The other family leaves on Wed. The potential for something to not go well is big. The government could just shut down due to the riots, they could have trouble getting to the US Consulate office to get the visas, and may even have trouble getting to the airports to get out of Haiti. On top of all of that... The US consulate closes tomorrow for possibly around 2 weeks! It's a situation of getting them today or being stuck for a long time! I'm certain these families would not turn down your prayers either.

Last, but most certainly not least~ One of my closest friends has 3 children that were taken on an errand somewhere in Haiti today. Please pray for their safety as well. Beyond that... please pray that their errand will be successful and they will receive long awaited good news.

Thanks for your prayers!

UPDATE~ Very exciting news.... The family that hoped to be able to get their daughters visa in time to catch their flight tonight has made it! They are bringing their daughter home. This truly is a miracle! Keep those prayers coming!!!


Tim & Sarah said...

This makes me nervous as I am to travel there to visit my son in a few weeks. I had not heard anything, so if you hear more, please keep us posted. Thanks from one adoptive mom to another!

Amanda said...

I AM SO EXCITED to have found your blog...a fellow Haiti Adoptive Parent!