Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Our New Home

Entry Area and Stairs

Formal Living Room

Double sided fireplace in our room. One side faces our bed area and the other side is a sitting area with a big bay window facing the beautiful lake view. This will be the new home of our "Spa Room". Imagine being on the massage table or chair with a fire roaring in the fireplace and the Lake view in the window. So great!

I'm finally posting about our new home. We are eyeball deep in packing and preparing for the move so it is really helpful for me to be able to look at pictures and remember how excited we are about moving here. Pictures just do not do it justice. It really is a great place. The home owner association includes a stunning club house , swimming pools, spa, huge lake view park, weight room and more. Our back yard is big by Southern CA standards and includes a wooden playscape for the kids.
This Saturday we are having the first drop off of the mobile storage units (like a POD). Then another round of them next weekend so we should have the house nearly empty by then. The following weekend we have hired a housekeeping company to come and do the last dreaded move-out clean. My back is thrilled at this idea!
Meanwhile~ Jim and Johnny are on their way to get Johnny's medical exam done for our home study update (for the adoptions of Jacques and Vilner). Tomorrow is my behind the wheel drive test and if that goes well I just need the safety office to reinstate my license and I'll be driving again. Will it ever really happen? Between the adoptions and my license I feel like my wheels just spin and spin and I wonder if it will ever really end. Until then, what can I do but keep trying?


Anonymous said...

Your new home is beautiful!

One Crowded House said...

looks like you are moving into a mansion :)

Surely good news is coming your way in the form of a pretty little picture of you on a driver's license- and 3 little pictures of 3 sweeties on 3 visas!!!!

The Haiti Lady said...

When do I move in...OOPS...I mean YOU move in? hehe
Looks gorgeous!
Good luck on the test!
Love ya,

Rose Anne said...

I am waiting to hear Hollering here in Wis!!!

Your house is beautiful and very warm looking!!(we were just told on the news at 10 we are under a blizzard warning 10 to 12in of new snow was coming )
Praying you get a beautiful pic taken tommorrow and get the email I know you are waiting on!!!
God Bless,
Rose Anne

Ericka said...

Holy COW!!!! Your new house is beyond gorgeous!!!!!! WOW!!!! Will definitely be planning a 'spa' trip to Angela's!!!!

The situation in Haiti is just terrible. So incredibly sad.

C'mon VISAS!!!!!! Bring 'em! And that license too!

Alexandria said...

Oh my gosh! Are you a movie star?? Your house looks like something out of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"!! :)

Angela said...

Thanks! Come on and hang out with us!!!!