Monday, April 21, 2008

The Surprise Family Reunion

Jim with his brother Scott

The sister "in-laws". While living far apart and the business of life has kept us from keeping in touch often~ My sister in-law has always been a great friend and is much more of a sister minus the in-law.

Our boys with their cousins, 2nd cousins, Aunt, and Uncle

My beautiful niece and her baby that we got to meet for the first time. I've only got two more days to try and convience them to leave him behind so I can keep him. He's so smiley and sweet. Any ideas? Do you think I could just take him and run on the last day?

Just one of the photos from Fantasmic (a must see if you get a chance)

We did end up going to Disneyland on Sunday night. We arrived around 8PM in hopes of getting a really great spot for the 9PM Fantasmic show but all the good spots were already taken by then. We decided to head to some rides and come back for the 10:30 show in hopes that we could get a good spot then. So around 10PM we are in a perfect spot for the show. We are just standing there, minding our own business, when someone comes up behind me and grabs me around the neck. Startled I turn around to see who's got a hold of me and couldn't believe my eyes! It was my sister in-law and nieces that live in Northern CA! We had no idea they were in town and had not seen them in a really long time. They had just arrived in So. CA for a family vacation at Disneyland and had decided to check out the Fantasmic late show also (they had no idea we were there either). They also arrived at the show early for a good spot and happened to be standing near us but we did not see each other. I had called out to Kyle about something and my sister in-law recognized my voice in the crowd and found us. Seriously... if you've ever been to Disneyland you will know what an absolute miracle it is for it to have happened this way. Minutes later Jim's brother and our nephews joined us. It was a great big, exciting, and unexpected reunion! We spent what was left of the night with them and didn't end home and in bed until after 2AM. Then we headed back this afternoon to spend more time with them and me and the boys are on our way back again tomorrow. We still can't believe we've spent the last couple days hanging out with them. So very very cool! Life is so fun when it throws unexpected (good) excitement your way.

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One Crowded House said...

How cool is that!!! Have fun visiting your loved ones!