Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Messing with our children

Anyone who knows me knows that today is one of my favorite days of the year! However, my closest friends and family members are hip to my game. They now never believe me, don't answer my calls on April 1st, and even remind each other to not believe anything I say. This morning I even found a warning on my friends blog telling people to beware of anything I say (thanks Ange, you're in trouble!). So what does one do when all the grown ups don't trust you anymore? You mess with your kids! ;)

This morning I called the boys together and told them we needed to have a family meeting. I told them that me and their Father are concerned about how little they help around the house and announced that next week they will all be sent off to chore camp. Then I handed out brochures I had printed yesterday. The brochures tell them all about the fun activities: making your bed, washing the car, doing dishes, the list goes on and on. Kyle actually got really excited, poor Johnny was trying to fight back tears, and Luke stubbornly said "I'm not going!". I let this charade go on for about 10 minutes before telling them it was April Fools day. They all cracked up. Johnny and Luke were relieved and Kyle begged to still be able to go to this imaginary camp.

Gotcha~ Chore camp brochures and crazy maze

Then, in hopes of seeking their forgiveness, I passed out some fun activities. The first one was this maze.

The boys worked hard at their mazes while I exclaimed that I couldn't believe how long it was taking them to finish it. "Usually you do these much quicker." This picture caught Kyle mid-sentence as it all clicked and he said "Hey, this maze doesn't have an answer!" Smart boy.

Then came a fun game. A memory game! Only problem is... None of the cards match! Don't they look like they are having a blast?

All was forgiven when they found out we would be eating our meals backwards today. Starting with dessert... ice cream bars

Then Spaghetti for breakfast. Tonight we are having Chocolate Chip pancakes and eggs for dinner.

Oh, the plans I had for Jim. I ended up not doing any of the morning plans. I was going to try a trick where you take a tube out of the toilet tank and tape it to the top of the lid so that when a toilet is flushed it sprays the unsuspecting person with water instead. Turns out our toilet is not made this way. :( Then I stayed up last night after he fell asleep and was going to take all his underwear out of their drawer and replace them with mine to confuse him in the morning. I also had planned to tape balloons to the back tires of our SUV so that when he backed up he would hear a loud popping noise and think the tires blew. Oh, how tempting my plans were! I decided against doing them though since he has to catch the train and I didn't want to make him run late and miss it. See... I'm not TOTALLY bad! Don't think you got off the hook, babe. There is still lots of day left. ;)


Mandy said...

You are FUNNY --- and a little mean too!! :) It's all fun, and luckily for the people in your house, April 1st only comes once a year.

Renee said...

ok, hysterical!!! If you can..please send me a copy of your brochure!! i need to send my kids!! hee hee
noahsmommy _ daddy@yahoo. com

Becky Hinchley said...

Angela - I just love it! I wish I would have thought of something to play on our girls today! Maybe next year!


Alexandria said...

Uh... where can I contribute to their therapy fund. Giggle. Just kidding. I still remember where I fell for "I'm moving away from Texas..." two years in a row. Then the last year it wasn't April Fool's Day and you really were moving. So sad. Missing you!!!

On a positive note, you may have a really good idea here with the chore camp. I bet you could open one and make a fortune!!

Love you!

Becky Hinchley said...

Alexandria - You have a good thought there...Angela should start a chore camp!!!


Anonymous said...

My kids were shocked that you would play such a mean joke on your kids (the chore camp). But, we got a good laugh that Kyle wanted to go! And eating your meals backwards --- what fun!

Don't feel bad, Alex --- I fell for the "...I'm moving away from TX..." too. But, only one year --- then I got warned not to answer the phone if Angela called on April 1st. Angela, you're going to have to keep widening your circle of friends to find new targets... :-)

I think I'd spend the night at a hotel if I were Jim..... :-)


Angela said...

Haha... I'm suddenly feeling so ganged up on! Whats this all about? You know I never caused any trouble in TX! ;)

Becky and Alex~ Me? Chores? Camping? All that in the same breath? It MUST be April 1st!!

Alexandria said...

Hi Linda! Is this Linda B? :)

I think next year all of us should come up with a juicy prank on Angela. Pay back time. :) Hee hee.

Love you Angela!