Sunday, April 27, 2008

Oh Happy Happy Day!!!!

Today my dear friend Ange caught her first flight to Haiti to bring her precious girls home! We thought it was going to happen a few months ago but there was a crummy hold up getting one of the visas. Ange, her daughter, and her sister arrive in Haiti tomorrow and will be hugging on her girls and not having to say goodbye this time. They will all arrive home on Friday. How cool is that?
Happenings around here~ Tomorrow will be such an exciting day. My friend Ali and sons will be in town and we will spend the day with them again at Disneyland. They are such a blast. Eat your heart out Texas friends. ;) So great that Ali moved to CA so I can have one of my priceless TX friends to hang out with.
We are all pretty exhausted preparing for the move. We will be gone all day Monday, doing the last minute things on Tuesday, and leave this home on Wednesday. Wednesday night we will be HOMELESS. It turns out the new house will not be ready to welcome us home. Don't cry for us just yet.... I found an amazing deal to stay at a resort for almost nothing! We will be pretending we are on vacation for the rest of the day and night. Thursday we will move into our new home BUT we will be without phone and internet for a week. BOOOOO HOOOO. Okay, now you can cry for us. Is it wrong that I am okay with temporary homelessness but heartbroken at the loss of internet connection?


DotBlogger said...

I just posted on Bryn's blog that I'm soooooo happy for these girls to be going HOME! Congratulations Schneiders! May your family be blessed many times over.

My daughters are still at NLL and will be sad to see their playmates leave. But maybe it will bring them hope that they, too, will soon be leaving to be with their forever families.

If you would like to see a picture of my girls and learn about the adoption journey that I'm on, I just laid it all out by month today.

May Vilner, Loveine, Jude, Stephanie and Jacques also be brought home with God-Speed!!

Will Glaspie said...

Good for Ange; hopefully you'll be next! Love you Sweetie, Dad.