Monday, April 14, 2008

On the move~

Thank goodness for 2 drive ways!
The move has officially begun! Five large mobile storage units were delivered Saturday morning. As of last night they are all packed to within mili-inches (is that a word?) of unoccupied space. I'm always impressed with my husband but at times like this I'm in AWE of him! Not only does he have nearly limitless strength and energy but his mental capacity to be able to figure out the absolute best way to do things is truly something to behold! He works for hours on end without ever muttering a complaint. Today I will call to have these units picked up and replaced with 5 empty units. By the time we load those up we will be down to only what we "must" have until the 30th.

We sure know how to pick a weekend to start our move. It was nearly 100 degrees outside!!! We broke record highs that have been in place since the 1940's. Of course it was ONLY for the two days we were doing hard labor. By tomorrow it will be about 30 degrees cooler. I thought we left this weather behind for our Texas friends. What happened?

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ange said...

it is only fair that we share, we are freezing again today!